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Based out of Chicago, IL, The Sanitation Guys are the team you call when disasters strike. Specializing in fire/water damage, we clean-up commercial and residential properties that have fallen victim to accidental and natural disasters. With a broad service area, we cover major industries throughout Illinois and other surrounding states including IN, OH, MO, MI, and WI. We travel as far as Florida and Arizona! Whether you're looking for an experienced company to help repair your home or business after damage or need expert remodeling services - The Sanitation Guys offers affordable pricing and outstanding customer service. We also have a great working relationship with insurance companies, which makes utilizing our services even easier.

With 20+ years of experience, we pay great attention to detail and will make sure that you are happy with the finished product! Remember to make the smart choice with The Sanitation Guys!

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For most of our clients, they’re entrusting us with their most valued asset: their home or company. With that being said, it's important to choose a provider well-versed in restoration services. You want a professional you can trust and rely on. That's us. We're not just here to get the job done. We're here to leave your business looking better than before. We understand that mold, water damage, or fire damage can be costly and stressful; this is why we work hard to mobilize quickly and alleviate the situation to prevent further loss and contain all hazards. You can consider us your trusted professionals. With over 20 years of experience in construction, contracting, and restoration services, you can be confident in our level of knowledge, experience, and customer service.


A fire in your home or business can leave you and your property in an emergency state that you or the dwelling are not prepared for. Fire damage does not only mean fire; there also can be smoke damage without an active fire. Over 60% of most fire restoration situations are caused by smoke damage and not the actual fire. The soot and debris left behind is not only overwhelming but toxic. It takes a level of field knowledge, as well as industry training, to have the expertise of assessing a fire damaged situation with accuracy. We are considered specialists in the field of fire and smoke damage. Our arsenal is not limited to, but includes, industrial air scrubbing machines, thermal fogging machines, as well as building air quality sanitation machines such as hydroxyl and ozone machines. The Sanitation Guys are on-call and available to remove all remnants left behind from a fire or smoke-related loss. Contact us for an immediate response to review your situation.


There are three categories of water damage. Category 1: Clean or Freshwater, Category 2: Rainwater or Waste water, and Category 3: Sewage, Dirty Water, Black Water and Viral, Pathogens, and Bacterial Waters. Depending on the situation upon inspection and assesment, the category level will determine the steps necessary for mitigation, including sanitation. With water comes a stopwatch, of sorts. Once moisture or water is present, you have 24-72 hours to properly dry out, or mitigate, before you have to be concerned with potential microbial growth. Be mindful once you discover a water situation; you must be proactive immediately to prevent further loss. Most common areas affected are your floors, walls, baseboards, doors, trim, framing, as well as subflooring. With over 20+ years experience in building science and construction, we provide the most accurate and least invasive procedures to rectify the situation with accuracy. Remember, if we assess the situation beyond 72 hours of when the initial damage occurred, there is a high chance sanitation will be needed to remove microbial growth. Our arsenal includes detergents, as well as biocides and sealcoating techniques, to prevent any potential chance for further microbial growth.


Just as the presence of water may create the need for sanitation, there are also many other situations that need sanitation, with mold being our most requested service which is most times due to a water loss or an unforseen situation. We have also been requested to sanitize gymnasiums, hospitals, daycare facilities, locker rooms, judiciary chambers, law enforcement facilities, senior and elderly centers, educational facilities, and worship centers. The Sanitation Guys have been contracted to assist clients with autoimmune deficincies, respiratory concerns, as well as other medical conditions that require a high-quality and professional level of sanitation, not just for peace of mind, but for continued health improvement. We have been called out many times during emergency situations post-storm or pre-aftermath, as well as accidents that not only leave structural damage but sanitary concerns. A part of our mission statement is to leave every space santized and safe for all people and pets. We are industry-trained and certified to deeply clean the spaces we work on to remove mold, soot and other contaminates from your home or business.

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With our immense service area, we've worked with multiple Fortune 500 companies across the US including companies like Walmart, T Mobile, and Zumba Headquarters. With an emphasis in commercial property restoration, we've cleaned high-volume areas such as commercial high-rise residential properties, schools, malls, churches, fire stations and other buildings suffering from mold exposure, sanitation issues, fire and water damage.

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